Welcome to the East Anglian Carriage Driving Group!

Please join in with us in 2016! Help, drive, watch...

Details for Eacdg Sandringham event this weekend
Please see the forum Announcements

Dates for 2016 - please see below.

We are a friendly and helpful club whose aim is to encourage and help drivers develop their skills and enjoy the sport of horse driving trials at club, national and even international level.
Driving Trials are a three phase competition that includes a driven dressage test, cones and a marathon with obstacles.
The club organises various events including:
  • Training days and camps
  • Driving Trials at venues across East Anglia
  • Club Championship at the end of the outdoor season
Main competitions for 2016
Sat 23rd April
One day event - Ashfields
Sat-Sun 21-22 May
Two day event - Euston Park, Thetford
Sat-Sun 25-26 June
Two day event - Sandringham
Sat-Sun 16-17 July
Two day event - Blandings
Sat-Sun 20-21 August
Club championships - Ashfields
Sat-Sun 24-25 September
One day event and fun day

Training dates for 2016

Sat-Sun 16-17 April
Crinkly Camp (Training) - Ashfields
Fri 22nd April
Training Day - Ashfields
Tue,Wed,Thur 16-18 August
Junior camp - Ashfields

If you are interested in Stewarding at one of our events or would like to find out more please Contact us.

See the forum for more news, chat, help, updates and announcements, see Forum - Announcements for event times.

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