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Eacdg Class Progression - note: updated 20 February 2018

EACDG Club class rules 2020 - note: February 2020

Dressage tests

These are the standard dressage tests published by the FEI and BC. You can see details of which tests are used at which event in our schedules (see events page). These dressage tests are available here as pdf files.

Many of our schedules allow alternatives so you can generally do the test you do at national events. Please check the entry details and note on your entry form notes.

EACDG ClassDressage TestAlternate TestsArena size
Club Class BC Evolution test (2017)n/a80 x 40m
Pre NoviceBC Pre-Novice Test (2008)n/a80 x 40m
Novice, Small PonyBC Novice Test (2021)n/a80 x 40m
Open Singles (combining Intermediate and Advanced)BC Test 2 (2021)BC Novice Test (2021)
BC Open Singles (2021)
FEI Test 3*B HP1
FEI Test CAI-2* HP1
FEI Test CAI-3* HP1
80 x 40m
Pony PairsBC Test 2 (2021)FEI Test 3*B HP280 x 40m
All TandemsBC Test 2 (2021)n/a80 x 40m
Pony TeamsBC Test 2 (2021)FEI Test 3*B HP480 x 40m
Horse PairsBC Test 2 (2021)80 x 40m
FEI Test 3*B HP2100 x 40m
Horse TeamsBC Test 2 (2021)FEI Test 3*B HP4100 x 40m

Note that the EACDG open singles classes combine those drivers who are not club, pre-novice or novice, and who wish to use the novice qualifier, intermediate, open and advanced class tests. The classes remain separated into horse and pony.

Only drivers performing the Advanced Horse Pairs or Horse Fours dressage tests use the 100 x 40m arena.

Open singles, pairs and team drivers may choose to drive an alternate test to BC Test 2 (2021) if they wish, chosen from those listed and using the arena size indicated above, and must tell the secretary which test they want to use (in the comments on the entry form) when they enter the event.

Links to all the current tests and diagrams are listed here:


See also the BC web site's reference section where you can find lots of useful information including competence forms, summary of the rules and the full rulebook. Or see our articles and advice page.

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