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Results for 2017 Events

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Results for 2015 Events

    2015 Points league

Other Blandings results - see News/blog.

Results for 2014 Events

    2014 Points league

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Results for 2012 Events

11-12th August Blandings Results

Results for 2011 Events

    2011 Points league

10th April Elveden ResultsPictures
23/24 April Ashfields Results Pictures
21/22 May Elveden Results Pictures
11/12 June Blandings Results Pictures
25/26 June Sandringham Results Pictures
17/18th September Ashfields Results

Results for 2010 Events

    2010 Points league

24th-25th April Ashfields ResultsPictures
22nd-23rd May Elveden ResultsPictures
26th-27th June Sandringham ResultsPictures
18th-19th September Ashfields ResultsPictures - soon

Results for 2009 Events

    2009 Points league

29th March Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
25th-26th April Ashfields ResultsPictures
30-31st May Euston Park ResultsPictures
27th-28th June Sandringham ResultsPictures
18-19th July Elveden ResultsPictures
5th-6th September Ashfields ResultsPictures
27th September Elveden ResultsPictures

Results for 2008 Events

    2008 Points league

6th April Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
19-20th April Ashfields ResultsPictures
31st May/1st June Euston Park ResultsPictures
22nd June Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
28-29th June Sandringham ResultsPictures
2nd-3rd August Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
20th-21st September Ashfields ResultsPictures
12th October Blandings Farm ResultsPictures

Results for 2007 Events

8th April Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
21/22 April Ashfields ResultsPictures
26-27th May Blandings Farm ResultsPictures
30 Jun-1 July Sandringham Results overall, detailed
28/29 July Ashfields ResultsPictures
8/9 September Euston ResultsPictures
7th October Blandings Farm ResultsPictures

Results for 2006 Events

19th March Euston Park Results Pictures
22/23rd April Ashfields Results
11th June Blandings Farm Results Pictures
30th June-1st JulySandringham Results1, Results 2Pics: open horse, horse teams and Novice Qualifier
17/18th June Ashfields Results Dressage/Cones Marathon
29/30th July Ashfields ResultsPictures
9/10th September Doggetts - ChampionshipsResults